Picture It! Living the “Golden Girls” Lifestyle In Five Easy Steps

There’s not a human alive or dead who can resist the charms of The Golden Girls’ sassy, brassy, classy babes. But not everyone is content to watch classic episodes on Logo (which, hello, you should totally be doing anyway). For the superfans among us—those who need to be more than just a pal and a confidant—here are some suggestions for taking your adoration to the next level!

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Learn the rest of the theme song
What, you thought there was just that one verse? Think again!  Next time you’re out at karaoke, see if they’ve got Andrew Gold on the list and knock everyone’s socks off with your full-length rendition of this campy classic.

Category is: CHEESECAKE!
No, you may not buy it frozen. And don’t even get me started on that no-bake nonsense. (Any self-respecting Italian grandmother creates a delicious cheesecake from scratch every single time.) You’re going to want to find a good ricotta wholesaler, invest in a springform pan and peruse a lot of recipes. Oh, and slip a pan of water into the oven with it to keep the surface from cracking. You’re welcome.

I’m thinking wicker—something in a light wood. Though we’d typically look at this as outdoor furniture, it’s perfectly practical for the living room. It’s awfully stiff, but that’s good for your aching back and sciatica—and convenient for cleaning. The liquid wipes right off in case you have a little spill. (Of wine, naturally!)

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Get crafty
A brief scan of Etsy’s offerings confirms that there’s basically no object that can’t be improved by the addition of these feisty females. Mugs, t-shirts, wine glasses, soaps and even wallets have been turned into shrines to the iconic quartet. If you’re not interested in making a purchase, tap into your own latent artistic talents. Is there a wrinkly old bag in your closet that would look better with a wrinkly old bag painted on it?

Make it permanent
There’s dating, and then there’s marriage. If you’re ready to settle down with that one special show for the rest of your life, then let the world know about your special commitment by etching our ladies of the lanai onto your body. Preferably someplace that’ll hold up relatively well when you’re Sophia’s age.

Got any other ideas for spreading the love? Share them in the comments section below!