Pizza Shop Has Best Response To Anti-Gay Billboard

Sorry, pineapple pizza lovers.

Australians are currently casting their vote by mail if they think that same-sex marriage should be legalized—but some of those against same-sex marriage are going to dramatic lengths to tell how Australians how they should vote.

Last week a skywriter flew over Sydney with the words “VOTE NO” and this past weekend a “Straight Lives Matter” rally was held in the city, trying to sway voters.

Now the workers at a pizza shop in Tasmania are publicly voicing their opinions in the marriage debate.

The Coalition for Marriage, an anti-gay marriage lobbying group, paid for a billboard reading “It’s OK to say no” next to Wiseguise Pizza in the town of Launceston, Tasmania. Employees from Wiseguise decided to change the subject of the billboard by painting the words “TO PINEAPPLE PIZZA” on the side of the store next to the billboard.

👏 👏 👏 👏 👏

“It’s a huge debate at the moment, obviously, everyone’s talking about whether pineapple should be on pizza or not,” Wiseguise worker Ben Barwick told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

“It’s the Australian way, you know, to take an issue that’s got a lot of people divided at the moment and make it a little bit more light-hearted,” added the shop’s managing director Alex Jones.

“Obviously we’re big believers in freedom of speech, and we’re very lucky that we live in a country that allows us to be like that.”

The Coalition for Marriage have spared no expense on its elaborate stunts and ads against same-sex marriage. Reportedly two-thirds of Australians say they support same-sex marriage, but results from a recent poll released in the past day show that support has fallen down to 57%.

The same-sex postal survey is due back November 7.

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