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“Planet Coaster,” Latest “Roller Coaster Tycoon” Spinoff, Adds Same-Sex Couples

"This is the kind of nonchalant representation that makes me so damn happy," said one gaymer.

The Tycoon video game series has existed in one for or another for 15 years, preoccupying college students who should probably be studying or trying to get laid.

The latest version of Roller Coaster Tycoon, called Planet Coaster is due out in June and promises crazy coasters and complex world-building—oh, and same-sex couples.

Planet Coaster Couple

While Frontier Developments PLC, the company behind Planet Coaster has yet to issue a statement, one of their first promo clips shows an inept security guard attempting to track down a graffiti artist.

Various parkgoers casually walk around as he chases after the malcontent, including a gay male couple holding hands. (They stroll by at the :25 mark below.)

One of the guys appears throughout the game—and manages to have a runic with a costumed mascot—but perhaps the designers just recycled avatars.

Planet Coaster T-Rex
Frontier Developments PLC

The response on reddit has been positive.

“This is the kind of nonchalant representation that makes me so damn happy,” said one member. “It’s just there. No big deal. And yet, even so, it means a lot to have it there.”

Another wrote, “It’s little things like this that shows you that the culture is changing and it makes me so damn happy.”

Planet Coaster is available for preorder.

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