Texas High School Students Threaten To “Beat The Gay” Out Of Classmate

"There are a lot of kids my age like me. You can’t force people to change."

Three students at Plano East Senior High School in Texas are under investigation by school district officials after threatening to attack a gay classmate, WFAA reports.

“Can someone beat the gay out of him?” wrote one student in a group conversation on Snapchat. “Can we pull some hate crimes?”

Another student responded with a laughing emoji, writing, “let’s do it.”

A photo of the Snapchat conversation was shared publicly on Twitter by senior McKenna Moran, who determined that the students were talking about her best friend, fellow senior Marwan Henderson, who is openly gay.

Henderson recently starred as Angel in Plano East’s production of Rent. The threats were reportedly made in response to a video of Henderson dancing that was circulating around school.

“I felt pretty heartbroken,” Henderson says. “Just the fact that so much ignorance exists in society. There are a lot of kids my age like me. You can’t force people to change.”

Plano East students organized a rally earlier this week to show support for Henderson and to denounce homophobia. A Change.org petition has also been created to “demonstrate that Plano East Senior High School doesn’t tolerate intolerance.”

“We should be proud to be members of a school community that embraces a world of differences and celebrates diversity,” says Plano East principal George King.

“Plano East prides itself on being an extremely diverse and accepting school with students from all walks of life,” Plano East’s student council tweeted. “The administration and student body cannot and will not tolerate this sort of treatment to other peers. We will ensure punishment is served.”

Under a new Texas state law known as David’s Law, parents of the aggressors and the victim were notified of the incident. However, the school district has not said how the bullies will be disciplined.

Several fliers reading “Faggots will not have the last word. God Bless America” were discovered Friday posted at the school.

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