“Please Like Me” Announces New Season In The Most Adorable Way

Hint: It's edible.

Josh Thomas star and co-creator of Please Like Me announced on social media that he is currently filming Season Four in the cutest way possible-with a cake recreation of the cast!

A food-based announcement should come as no surprise to the fans of the show since baking is a favorite hobby of Thomas’ character in the series.

The Instagram post came hours after Deadline announced that the semi-autobiographical Australian series had been picked up for a fourth season, which will premiere November 10.

According to social media the cast is already back in production:

First week shooting #PleaseLikeMe season 4! Coming later this year.

A photo posted by Josh Thomas (@joshthomas87) on

On set for #PleaseLikeMe Season 4! Which is a thing we are doing that was announced today.

A photo posted by Josh Thomas (@joshthomas87) on

Yo what up its your boy TJ . Season 4 comin atcha (shooting now)

A photo posted by Tom Ward (@tomjw872) on

If you haven’t watched Please Like Me yet, you can catch up on the first two seasons on Hulu.

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