“Please Like Me” Ends With Season 4

But what about John the dog?

It’s a sad day for Please Like Me fans.

The adorable Australian series based on actor-comedian Josh Thomas’ life is coming to a close with Season Four.

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“We have decided Season 4 #PleaseLikeMe is the last. I’ve loved making this show for you all so much. Thank you,” Thomas wrote in a note that he posted on Twitter.

The series had recently moved from its original American home, Pivot TV, to Hulu.

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‚ÄúThere are certain shows that we have that fall under a unique set of circumstances, like Nashville, Mindy and Please Like Me, where we have the past seasons. So we know that there’s a passionate and sizable fan base of our subscribers,” Hulu head of content Craig Erwich told The Hollywood Reporter. “So when the opportunity comes up to keep them satisfied and happy, we jump at it.”

Erwich added that he was open to “potentially” doing a fifth season, until the producers decided to end the show.

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“This show has brought me so much joy and I’m sad it’s over but also things have to end,” Thomas wrote in the final lines of his letter. “I’m focusing now on what’s next, I hope to see you there.”

Hopefully Thomas’ next project will feature even more RuPaul lip syncs.

All four seasons of Please Like Me are available now on Hulu.

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