Season Premiere Of “Please Like Me” Features Adorable Lip Sync To RuPaul’s “Geronimo”

"They're falling like they're dominos..."

The fourth season of Please Like Me, the quirky Australian comedy based on writer-actor Josh Thomas’ life, recently debuted on its new home, Hulu.

In the season premiere, Josh is once again struggling to act like an adult in front of his family and friends—especially after an awkward threesome with his boyfriend.

After visiting his mother’s house to find that she is throwing out his childhood teddy bears, Josh takes the stuffed animals on the bus to a dinner party and during the trip he finds inspiration from RuPaul’s classic club banger, “Geronimo.”

Check out the clip below if you’ve always wanted to see a teddy bear dance to Mama Ru.

Watch all four seasons of Please Like Me available now on Hulu.

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