POLL: F*ck, Marry, Kill – Cabaret Edition!


Cocktails and Classics continues tonight on Logo TV with the network premiere of Cabaret. 

As always, the premiere will be served along with some tea provided by our best judy, Michael Urie, as well as this week’s guests Drew Droege, D.J. Pierce, Michael Ausiello and Joel Grey.

Yes honey, the Joel Grey.

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We love Cabaret for several different reasons. The glamour! The drama! The eye candy (I’m looking at you, young Michael York)!


Now put down the knitting, the book, and the broom and vote for who would you like to fuck, marry, and kill from Cabaret!

Vote in our poll below—then catch Cocktails and Classics edition of Cabaret, Sunday at 7pm on Logo TV.


Alberto Davalos is a pleasure to have in class.