Poll: The Best Trailer For The Worst Movie


The Golden Trailer Awards are coming. Help us pick the all-time “Golden Fleece” winner for Best Trailer/Worst Movie.

The 14th annual Golden Trailer Awards ceremony, which commemorates the best in film trailers, is soon upon us. Though the award show itself is awesome for highlighting behind-the-curtain talents who make trailers great, the real reason to care about the award show is its annual “Golden Fleece” award, which honors the best trailer for the worst movie that year. Past winners have included Fur (that weird Diane Arbus pseudo-biopic with Nicole Kidman) and Burlesque (which I wish were a Diane Arbus biopic).

The topic is intriguing. What are your favorite great trailers from horrible movies?

Here’s what immediately sprang to mind for me. In college, the Crayola-colored movie version of Speed Racer starring Emile Hirsch and Christina Ricci came out, and I couldn’t believe what a startling shock of color, verve, and cartoonish charisma the whole thing was. Should I have been so shocked by the tepid final production? I’m not sure, but this gorgeous trailer still whizzes by in a blur of warm tones and fierce stares. Susan Sarandon, you worked it.

Runners-up: Rent A Cop (ironically great, but still) and any Irwin Allen film. The Swarm is my fave.

Your fave?