All About The Grills: 12 Celebrities With Gold-Tooth Smiles

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At the VMAs, Katy Perry joined the growing list of pop stars fitting their chopper with gold-plated grills. The trend started on the streets and has found its way into in hip-hop—with everyone from Flava Flav and Snoop to Drake and A$AP Rocky frontin’ gold. Now gold grills are winding up the mouths of pop stars like Miley Cyrus (above), Harry Styles, Beyoncé, Gaga and Madonna. Swimmer Ryan Lochte caused a stir at the Summer Olympics with his diamond-studded grill and even Lana Del Ray, the self proclaimed “gangster Nancy Sinatra,” rocked a gold cap on her tooth and sang about the look in the unreleased song “Queen Of Disaster.”

This summer has seen a lot of grill action—so who’s next to sport a 14-carat smile? Our money’s on Robin Thicke.

Which Celebrity Rocked Gold Grills The Best?

Katy Perry



Justin Bieber
Photo via Twitter

Harry Styles
Photo via Instagram

Lady Gaga

gaga grills

Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian instagram


Lana Del Ray

lana del ray grills

Photo via Tumblr

Kanye West

kanye west grills


Miley Cyrus

Watch Miley show off her grills to Harper’s Bazaar (start at the 5:00 mark):