Exclusive: The “Pose” Cast on the Season 2 Finale and Plans for Season 3

Mj Rodriguez, Dyllón Burnside, Indya Moore, and Hailie Sahar spilled the tea at this year's "Billboard" and "THR" Pride Summit.

Last week at Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter’s Pride Summit, we were lucky enough to chat with a handful of Pose stars about how their characters have developed this season—and what fans can expect from the third season now that the Emmy-nominated, Peabody Award–winning show has officially been renewed. Live! Work!

Indya Moore (Angel Evangelista)

On Angel’s journey:
“It really surprised me to see Angel go down the road of drug abuse. It scared me—I was really afraid for her. It was a really important story to tell because the way drug abuse invaded and influenced and impacted our community, and still does today, is very real. Also, telling the story of Tracey “Africa” [Norman] and her rising up as a model in that era was incredible to see and be able to bring out through Angel.”

Dyllón Burnside (Ricky Wintour)

On Ricky’s journey:
“This season Ricky finds out he’s HIV-positive and starts this brand-new relationship with Pray Tell (Billy Porter). It’s really exciting to see these two folks who we had no clue [would end up together]—there was nothing leading up to this relationship, but they have this shared experience of both being positive that brings them together. I think that sometimes shared experience makes strange bedfellows, and it often allows for folks to learn the lessons they really need the most. I’m really excited to see how Ricky will evolve from this intimate relationship with Pray Tell.”

On the Season 2 finale:
“I just finished shooting Season 2 last week, so all I can tell you about Season 3 is that it’s happening! But the [Season 2] finale is not to be missed. It’s gonna be spectacular. I want y’all to come out, go to your watch parties, go to your friends’ houses, get all of your outfits together because it’s gonna be an event.”

Mj Rodriguez (Blanca Evangelista)

On Blanca’s fate in Season 2:
“Blanca’s story line this season is very heavy. I feel like y’all should expect a lot of heart, crying, napkins… things that you would expect not to happen but are happening. I can’t give you everything! I want to because I’ve seen a couple of things, but you just gotta stay tuned!”

Hailie Sahar (Lulu Ferocity)

On Lulu’s journey:
“This season, people got to see more of the human in Lulu. I think last season people saw more of her surface—the glam, the shade, and the cattiness. But in that, you learn that Lulu is a layered person. There’s a reason why she was being so ’mean’ or more aggressive with her tone. There’s a deep sadness in Lulu, and I think we’re starting to dissect that, and I like that. Lulu has been misunderstood. She and Candy started Ferocity as co-mothers, and now that Candy has passed away, Lulu has to find her own voice as a single mother. I love that Ferocity is an all-female house. It is about women’s empowerment, the women’s movement.

On Lulu’s future:
“I want Lulu to have a love interest. I want people to see a softer side of her. I think that she is a sweetheart underneath everything, and I want more people to see that.”

Lester Fabian Brathwaite is an LA-based writer, editor, bon vivant, and all-around sassbag. He's formerly Senior Editor of Out Magazine and is currently hungry. Insta: @lefabrat