“Pose” Looks for a Deeper Love in Emotional Final Season Trailer

"It's about our legacy."

Tears, tears, tears across the board!

Last month, we delivered the sad news that the upcoming third season of Pose, FX’s Emmy-winning trans-inclusive drama, will be its last. Now the network has dropped an emotional new trailer for the final batch of episodes, so you might want to grab some tissues.

The new preview shows the ongoing HIV/AIDS crisis directly impacting the extended Pose family. Characters participate in ACT UP protests, and Pray Tell (played by Billy Porter) — who is HIV positive — confronts his mortality. “I always knew this disease would eat me alive,” he says, “but I’m not going out without a fight.”

We also get an update on Blanca (MJ Rodriguez), who is now a nurse and struggling with how to leave a legacy in the ball scene she has called home for so many years.

Michael Parmelee/FX

“We got to tell the exact story we wanted, as we wanted to tell it, and I’m incredibly honored and grateful. Pose’s story may end in 1996, but its impact will go on forever,” said co-creator and producer Ryan Murphy when the final season was announced. “Pose has been one of the creative highlights of my entire career. From the very beginning when Steven Canals and I sat down to hear his vision and ideas for the show, it has been a passion project. To go from the beginning of my career in the late ’90s when it was nearly impossible to get an LGBTQ character on television to Pose — which will go down in history for having the largest LGBTQ cast of all time — is a truly full-circle moment for me.”

According to Metro UK, the last season “will be set in 1994, and ballroom feels like a distant memory for Blanca who struggles to balance being a mother with being a partner to her new love, and her latest role as a nurse’s aide. Meanwhile, Pray Tell (Billy Porter) contends with unexpected health burdens as AIDS becomes the leading cause of death for Americans ages 25 to 44; while in the balls, the emergence of a vicious new house forces the House of Evangelista members to contend with their legacy.”

The final season of the groundbreaking show has been shortened to seven episodes and will premiere May 2 on FX, with the series finale scheduled to air June 6. Watch the new trailer below.

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