This Week’s Most Devastating “Pose” Reads: “Revelations” Edition

The shadiest shade and most scorching burns from Season 2, Episode 8.

The Pose “Reading Is Fundamental” Library is open. This week: “Revelations”
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The little baby birds are leaving the nest! In one of this season’s tightest episodes, written and directed by Pose co-creator Steven Canals, Blanca (Mj Rodriguez) finds herself a mother without children after Damon (Ryan Jamaal Swain) graduates from dance school and takes an opportunity to tour with Malcolm McLaren (of “Deep in Vogue” fame) in Europe, and Angel (Indya Moore) and Lil Papi (Angel Bismark Curiel) move out on their own. These events get set into motion once the shit hits the fan with Ricky (Dyllón Burnside) and Pray Tell (Billy Porter).

Ricky, having learned of his HIV status, is living with Pray, whom he sees as both a father and a daddy. Before the opening credits even roll, we’re treated to Ricky and Pray consummating their relationship in all its black, gay, naked glory.

But their bliss is short-lived when Pray has a very Sex and the City brunch with his fellow emcees, who deserve their own spin-off.

By the way, Pray is such a Carrie.

Pray’s gurls warn him about messing around with the legendary up-and-coming children, especially with fierce mama bear Blanca. Ricky may not be under her house anymore, but his ex Damon is—and he wants Ricky back.

Once Ricky tells him that not only has he exposed him to HIV, but that he’s now shacking up with Pray, Damon snaps and begins throwing lit matches all over the place, burning bridges in his wake.

Lord, not the cocaine sweat! Damon then accuses Blanca of being selfish in that ironic way kids do before spilling the beans about Pray and Ricky. Let’s just say it doesn’t go over well.

But at least Elektra (Dominique Jackson) gets to climb back on her high horse to kick Pray when he’s down—in a heel, that’s a full 12 feet of shade—after he humiliated her at the ball in Episode 1.

Blanca must now decide if she’s willing to kick Angel out for her cocaine sweats just as she kicked out Lil Papi for selling drugs in Season 1. Though Blanca claims she doesn’t play favorites, we know that’s a lie. Angel, however, decides to act like the woman Blanca taught her to be and tells her mother she’s moving out because dems da rules.

Poor Blanca, though. Her babies are gone.

Finally, this week’s Reading Is Fundamental Excellence in Shade Award goes to… Damon’s Dance of Vengeance!

She came to slay then sulked off with the trophy just to prove who was the baddest bitch on the ballroom floor.



My heart grew three sizes in this scene between Blanca and Damon’s fabulous dance teacher, Helena (Charlayne Woodard).

Don’t you just love an unexpected friendship?

Also, despite their fraught relationship, Blanca and Elektra still really love each other.

Remember: At its heart, Pose is a wholesome family dramedy.

Like a less problematic 7th Heaven. And as always, and forever, in perpetuity, Lil Papi.

I feel like the show gets what we want and is giving it to us in spades.

It’s nice to be seen and heard.

The Library is now closed.

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