This Week’s Most Devastating “Pose” Reads: “Worth It” Edition

The shadiest shade and most scorching burns from Season 2, Episode 2.

The Pose “Reading Is Fundamental” Library is open. This week: “Worth It”
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Last night’s Pose came dangerously close to catwalking right off the rails, and we loved every minute of it. Elektra has gone full supervillain—not only does she announce herself like she’s about to kill Superman…

…But mother goes so far as to recruit her own Ballroom Legion of Doom.

…Tempting them into her clutches with—what else?—Cartier.

EVIL Cartier. She even gets her own recruiting montage with some Ocean’s 11–style chyrons.

But that’s not even the most ridiculous part. First of all, Elektra is now a dominatrix, which explains where she’s been getting all her money for her myriad luxuries.

Has there ever been a better match of person and profession? Kudos to Elektra for finally finding a job that honors her talent for verbal humiliation and severe high ponytails.

Her new gig pays Elektra handsomely, and, as usual, her renewed success goes to her head and she gets deadly night-shady with the House of Ferocity.

Candy hits back with a savage burn—this week’s winner of the Reading Is Fundamental Excellence in Shade Award!

That leaves Veronica (Drag Race alum Jiggly Caliente) gagged and gooped.

But you’re not going to burn Elektra’s house down without her burning yours to the ground.

Fans of Pose may remember that Elektra did something similar last week when she stormed out of the House of Evangelista. Well, this is all now part and parcel of the Full Elektra Experience.

Complete with no remorse.

Those girls are fools if they didn’t steal her shit.

So now, with her new house, Elektra makes a stunt of an entrance looking like Grace Jones on her way to a businesswoman’s luncheon.

But in the midst of her triumphant return, Candy pulls out a hammer. Sigh. Silly, Candy. You don’t bring a hammer to a knife fight.

If you thought this was peak crazy, then Elektra, before (justifiably) getting kicked out by Pray Tell, announces her house is named after the inimitable editor in chief of Vogue (and recent ballroom expert) Anna Wintour.

We had to groan through this joke.

God bless Janet Mock, who wrote this episode, but that line made us want to pull an Elektra and:

So I guess we’re now up to Elektra Abundance Evangelista Ferocity Wintour. Here’s to hoping this is a running gag and she just keeps quitting and forming houses.

Elsewhere, Blanca is facing off with Patti Fucking LuPone, who’s serving you whole-ass Leona Helmsley realness as evil and openly racist landlady Frederica Norman.

Ms. Norman is referring to her ex-husband, whom she, well, fucked worse than the doorman she caught him with. Frederica leases Blanca a space for her salon, but reneges on the deal when her designer-sweatsuit-wearing son tells her that Blanca isn’t the young Dominican girl she thought. She then throws on her nearest fur and confronts Blanca.

But Blanca, having just come out to her family as having AIDS, is newly emboldened to fight till the bitter end.

Blanca tells Frederica she’s had more beatings than Frederica has had breakfast, which not a great line, but it gets her point across.

Finally, can we talk about this sloppy jezebel trying to wedge her way between Damon and Ricky?

Ma’am! Please, have some self-respect. (She is pretty hot, though. Like “a steaming pile of garbage” hot.) Anygay, despite her best efforts, Damon and Ricky only break up because Damon needs to do some growing. So Ricky leaves the House of Evangelista, thus putting a (temporary) end to America’s favorite couple.

The episode then ends on a somber note with a quote from the dearly departed Hector Xtravaganza:

Xtravaganza, the “Grandfather” of the House of Xtravaganza and a consultant on Pose, passed away last year at the age of 60.


If Pose was nothing but Elektra walking into and through places, it’d be enough.

Veronica was the secret star of this episode: From her aforementioned gagging, to her one line about hot sauce being “good for your metabolism,” to her limply voguing on the floor.

May we call you Veronica?

More men should wear lace panties and matching pumps—particularly this problematic hunk.

However, that high-waisted cut isn’t doing him—or us—any favors.

Speaking of favors…

How much you wanna bet this guy ends up dead in a few episodes? He loves doing coke and poppers then using Elektra’s services for hours and hours, paying her hundreds of dollars. That’s a recipe for disaster. Well, a good time, and then disaster.

Again, and always: Lil Papi.

With that Roman nose and those high cheekbones, Lil Papi made the perfect Romeo to Angel’s Juliet, further stoking hope that they may finally get together.

Meanwhile, is there anything hotter than a man weeping out his feelings like when Papi pledges to take care of Blanca after finding out she has AIDS?

C’mon, feelings! C’mon, family! C’mon, cheekbones!

The Library is now closed.

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