Ryan Murphy Already Knows When He Wants “Pose” to End

"This is such a gift to be able to tell these stories."

The second season of Pose may have just premiered, but producer Ryan Murphy already has in mind when he wants the House of Evangelista to win its final trophy.

During a recent conversation on the set of the FX series, Murphy spoke about how it was while he directed HBO’s The Normal Heart that he realized the need for stories about the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

“I really understood the power of the medium around [The People vs.] O.J. and The Normal Heart. When Normal Heart aired I remember looking at the Twitter feed that night, and so many young people were writing ’I had no idea this happened.’ And I thought, wow, this is such a gift to be able to tell these stories,” Murphy recalled.

The prolific producer goes on to talk about how he was always interested in the “idea of a community in crisis and a community under siege.”

“The running theme is the HIV crisis and how it affected the community. The medications that helped stop the plague came out in 1996. So I wanted to end the show right as that happened,” Murphy revealed. “To show the decimation of a world. There is not a lot of LGBTQ history. There’s just not. I grew up knowing nothing. This show will be available on Netflix, and will be available to close to 200 million people worldwide, so that responsibility is important to me.”

Macall Polay/FX

Murphy notes how it is not lost on him that a generation of gay men, those he would have looked up to in the entertainment industry, died from the disease:

“The tragedy for me is that all of the people when I became successful who probably would’ve been my mentors are dead. I look like at people who I really would’ve loved to talk to, like Michael Bennett who created A Chorus Line, or Robert Mapplethorpe, or on and on and on. We lost so many people. I also wanted to talk about that in the show. The loss of talent. Theres nothing sadder than the loss of possibility.”

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