Power Lesbian Couple Vastra And Jenny Flint Returning For “Doctor Who” Premiere

madame vastra jenny flint doctor who
Entertainment Weekly
has an amazing cover story this week on the return of Doctor Who, which returns with all-new Time Lord Peter Capaldi, on August 23.

One of the gems buried in the piece is the news that the debut episode will feature two of our favorite Who-verse characters: the reptilian Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh) and her human wife, Jenny Flint (Catrin Stewart).

madame vastra jenny flint doctor who straw The Paternoster Gang

The Paternoster Gang

And, of course, wherever Vastra and Jenny go, their dimwitted enforcer Strax (Dan Starkly) is sure to follow.

“The first episode is all about meeting the Doctor,” says executive producer Brian Michin. “Clara is lost in Victorian England and lovely young Matt Smith has disappeared and Peter Capaldi is now the Doctor and she’s discovering what he’s like and we’re going along on that journey.”

The Paternoster Gang have met the Doctor before—well, Doctor. They were introduced in the Season Six episode “A Good Man Goes to War,” in which they’re recruited to help the Doctor (Matt Smith) rescue companion Amy Pond. They’ve since returned to Doctor Who several times, and have also have their own spin-off novella, Devil in the Smoke, and  appeared in several online webisodes.


Don’t expect hem to have a smooth introduction to the new Doctor, though: The premiere episode, “Deep Breath,” is being directed by horror auteur Ben Wheatley (Kill List). 

“Ben has a wonderful eye and a sensibility about dreadfulness, in the sense that his films are full of dread,” says Capaldi. “You know, ‘What terrible thing is about to befall these characters.’ He’s brought an element of that to the show which is great.

Just don’t mess with #Jastra!


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