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President Obama Plans To Visit Orlando On Thursday

The vice president will also attend the trip in order to show support for the victims and their families.

Both President Obama and Vice President Biden will travel to Orlando on Thursday to pay respects to those affected by the horrific anti-LGBT attack on Pulse nightclub last weekend.

The White House confirmed the news, saying they will “meet with families of victims of the attack and stand in solidarity with the Orlando community.”

Details of their visit have not yet been released, but Senator Bill Nelson will be joining the two leaders on their trip.

The president gave a moving speech after the attacks on Sunday, declaring that the nation would not give in to fear.

“The shooter targeted a nightclub where people came together to be with friends, to dance and to sing, and to live,” he said. “The place where they were attacked is more than a nightclub — it is a place of solidarity and empowerment where people have come together to raise awareness, to speak their minds, and to advocate for their civil rights.”

h/t: Orlando Sentinel

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