Preview Pics: “Scandal” Returns With Snogging And Shock

Scandal returns to ABC on Thursday, October 3rd at 10 PM ET, and I’m happy to report that TheBacklot will be recapping Season Three! And why shouldn’t we, considering it has two out actors (Guillermo Diaz and Emmy-Winning Guest Actor Dan Bucatinsky), and has the complicated and fascinating gay couple James and Cyrus.

ABC has released some preview pics of the season opener, and it features … a pensive president … an even-more-baddass-looking-than-usual Huck … a deer-in-the-headlights Olivia (well, an impeccably dressed, fashion forward deer-in-the-headlights) … and James and Cyrus sharing a moment of… grudging passion?

Check out the pics, and look for our Scandal primer before the premiere!

Pics Credit – ABC/Eric McCandless

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