10 Pride Collections That Actually Give Back to the LGBTQ Community

Spend your queer cash in good conscience.

LGBTQ Pride Month is just around the corner, which means companies are busy slapping rainbows on everything and calling it “celebrating the LGBTQ community.” But it’s 2021. To truly support queer people, companies have to do more than just bedazzle their wares with Roy G. Biv; they have to give back in a tangible way.

We’ve rounded up some Pride products from brands that are actually donating money and items to LGBTQ organizations, so if your money is burning a hole in your pocket, you know where to spend your queer cash.

  1. GLAAD Pride Unboxed


    GLAAD’s Pride Unboxed is an annual standout, and this year’s box is no exception. The gift set contains 20 products, including Google Pixel Buds, Bombas, the Entertainment Weekly Pride Issue, and other rainbow-drenched goodies. The Pride Unboxed initiative will also come with a QR code linking to a guide containing resources for people to get educated, show support, and participate in solidarity with the trans community.

    The box will be provided as a gift to the first 300 supporters who become a monthly donor to GLAAD with a gift of $19.95 or more. Find a full list of the Unboxed items, along with more info about how the product gives back, on GLAAD’s website.

  2. Harry’s


    Since we are all finally emerging from our apartments after a year-long quarantine, maybe it’s time for a shave. Harry’s Shave With Pride Set is back this year, with 100% of profits from the set being donated to The Trevor Project. The vibrant yellow razor handle comes with fresh blades and shave gel in a box designed by artist Zipeng Zhu.

  3. Dr. Marten’s

    Dr. Marten's

    Doc Marten’s iconic 1461 leather boots are getting a Pride Month makeover with rainbow flag embroidery, lace and heel loop, as well as multi-colored tonal stitching. The company will also be donating $100,000 to the Trevor Project, so you can feel good about your footwear choice when you march in the streets this summer.

  4. Petco


    If we’re decked out in head-to-toe rainbows for the entire of month of June, why can’t our furbabies be too? That’s what Petco is thinking with their expanded Pride collection. The items include rainbows bandanas, shirts, collars, and more, with 10% of every Pride purchase benefitting The Trevor Project.

  5. Madewell

    We know Pride is all about short shorts, but sometimes you just want to slip on a comfortable pair of jeans. That’s where Madewell comes in with the new Pride edition of their Relaxed Taper Authentic Flex Selvedge Jeans. The pants have subtle rainbow edges on the bottom, and 50% of the purchase price of each pair will go to the ACLU.

  6. Bombas


    Marching all day can be tough on your feet, so comfortable shoes and socks are super important. Stay comfy and colorful with Bombas’ new Pride collection featuring rainbow socks, shirts, underwear, and totes. For every item you purchase from Bombas Pride collection, another item will be donated to LGBTQ organizations Casa Ruby in Washington, D.C., Mozaic in Columbus, Ohio, and The Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico.

  7. UGG

    Ugg and Pacific Pride Foundation are throwing a Pride Prom, and you’re invited. Ugg partnered with Lil Nas X, Hari Nef, and Maya Samaha to show off the new limited-edition collection of UGG’s all-gender shoes — including the Disco Stripe. With every pair sold, UGG will donate $25 to GLAAD.

  8. Gap


    Fall into the Gap because they are giving back to the LGBTQ community! The fashion retailer has released its Pride capsule collection for this year, including rainbow tees emblazoned with “You, Me, We,” along with rainbow hoodies and the classic Gap logo in vibrant colors. The company has also pledged to donate $50,000 to GLAAD.

  9. Reebok

    Reebok joins the rainbow sneaker parade with the new “All Types of Love” collection featuring sneakers, hoodies, and tank tops dripping in Pride colors. In addition to producing some cute kicks, Reebok worked with the legendary House of Ninja on a new video, “Fierceness Isn’t Born. It’s Made.” The sneaker company is also donating $75,000 to the Sylvia Rivera Law Project.

  10. Kellogg’s


    In past years, Kellogg’s has partnered with GLAAD to create special Spirit Day cereals. Now, the cereal company is collaborating with GLAAD for a new “Together” cereal, which will be hitting your local supermarket shelves. According to Doug VanDeVelde, general manager of Kellogg U.S. Cereal Category, the “Together” cereal features “berry-flavored, rainbow hearts dusted with edible glitter.”

    As if edible glitter weren’t enough, cereal fans can get in on the action by joining the #BoxesAreForCerealChallenge TikTok challenge. Upload your receipt for every box purchased, and Kellogg will donate $3 (up to $140,000) to GLAAD. Sounds pretty GREEEAAAT, right?

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