10 Queer Netflix Movies You Need to Binge for Pride

Please watch while covered in rainbow glitter.

With Pride Month in full swing, we’ve put together a list of 10 of our favorite films available on Netflix. Ranging in tone—from comedic to informative to downright sad AF—these flicks will keep your queer spirit burning bright.

  1. Alex Strangelove

    If you liked Love, Simon, you’ll thoroughly enjoy this coming of age story that has a similar narrative plus the benefits of an R-rating.

  2. Paris Is Burning

    The seminal ballroom documentary returns to the streaming platform just as Ryan Murphy’s Pose makes its fierce debut. Learn all about vogueing and the 1980s New York City drag scene.

  3. Milk

    In honor of its 10th anniversary, give Sean Penn’s Oscar-winning performance as Mayor Harvey Milk, the first openly gay elected official in California, another watch. The film still holds up.

  4. Gender Revolution

    Katie Couric may have stumbled on her way to becoming gender woke, but her latest documentary—produced in partnership with National Geographic—offers moving insight into our evolving understanding of gender.

  5. Below Her Mouth

    Jasmine and Dallas enter a heated affair in this sapphic steamfest. Think Blue Is the Warmest Color, but (thankfully!) directed by a woman who isn’t a total creep.

  6. Growing Up Coy

    Follow the civil rights case against a school that banned a transgender six-year-old from using the girl’s bathroom. This heroic and inspirational film proves kids are so much better than adults.

  7. God’s Own Country

    A young farmer and a Romanian migrant worker fall in love à la Brokeback Mountain and have a tumultuous, sexy, extremely sad relationship that takes place mostly outdoors.

  8. Strike a Pose

    What’s Pride Month without showing a little love for Madonna? This documentary revisits the seven male dancers who joined the superstar on her 1990 Blonde Ambition tour.

  9. King Cobra

    Don’t get us wrong, this film about a rising gay porn star is basically shit, but there are ample oiled chests and terrible-good dialogue. Sometimes you just gotta give in.

  10. Hurricane Bianca

    Here’s your Pride ab workout for the day: LOLing hard as Bianca Del Rio takes revenge on a bigoted Texas town. Yes, mama.

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