Prince Harry Once Stood Up to Homophobic Bullies on Behalf of a Gay Soldier

The People's Prince.

A former British soldier has said Prince Harry came to his defense after homophobic service members targeted him for abuse.

James Wharton served under the royal, who was his tank commander in 2008, and recently decided to share his story with Focus News.

“I had got myself into a bit of a situation with some soldiers from another regiment,” he recalled. “Essentially they didn’t like the fact that I was gay, and they had a problem about it. They were sort of chest-poking me and making me feel quite uncomfortable, shall we say.”

Prince Harry
Geoff Pugh - WPA Pool/Getty Images
Prince Harry meets veterans and soldiers as he attends the 91st Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey on November 7, 2019 in London, England.

Wharton shared that when he went into his tank and Prince Harry observed how upset he was, he inquired about what had happened and then got “quite offended that his gunner was being picked on by these people.”

Prince Harry is said to have then gone out and confronted the soldiers on Wharton’s behalf, after which “the problem went away.”

“He told them off, and they left me alone,” Wharton said. He also added the prince “knew how to do his job” and was well liked by the other soldiers.

Wharton was also asked about Prince Harry’s decision to step back from his position as a senior Royal family member, to which he said he thought Prince Harry was a “very smart man” who will be successful in whatever his endeavors might be going forward.

“I have no doubt that whatever he goes off to do, whether it be or public or private, he will be successful,” Wharton said.

Wharton tweeted out his video interview and revealed he had initially “said no to a few journalists about commenting on this whole thing,” but decided to “say something nice [about Prince Harry] while so many people are sticking the knife in and saying something nasty.”

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