Witness A Gay Couple’s Emotional Journey In Prinze George’s New Video

"I keep it together with you on my mind."

Synth-pop trio Prinze George has released a gorgeous black-and-white video for their single “Wait Up.” The clip starts with two men kissing in a field and plays backwards from there—much like the devastating video for Coldplay’s “The Scientist.”

prinze george band

According to their bio on Facebook: “Prinze George is Naomi Almquist, Kenny Grimm and Isabelle De Leon, who are based in Brooklyn. Naomi and Kenny grew up together in Prince George’s County, MD, (hence the name of the band) where they met Isabelle while she was in college.”

Watch the epic video below:

Their debut album, Illiterate Synth Pop is available now.

h/t: Accidental Bear

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