New Video Game Lets You “Suck Off Another Dude’s Gun” While Cruising Bathrooms For Gay Sex

"Now, there's nothing wrong with guys appreciating other guys' guns, right?"

In an effort to make a statement about the policing of LGBT people, a video-game designer created a simulator that lets you cruise for gay sex in public bathrooms.

Robert Yang describes The Tearoom as “a free, historical public bathroom simulator about anxiety, police surveillance and sucking off another dude’s gun.”

Yang said inspiration for the game came from learning about a 1962 sting operation in a public bathroom in Ohio, in which police secretly filmed men having sex with each other from behind a two-way mirror. The creator discovered that police then used the footage to imprison the men under Ohio’s sodomy laws, and was disgusted to think that 55 years later, cops are still targeting men who have sex with men.

The Tearoom/Robert Yang

But that’s not the only policing that Yang is taking aim at in his new game. The designer told HuffPost that he was tired of, which is the platform he hosts his projects on, consistently banning his games for featuring male nudity.

Making a statement about censorship, Yang decided to replace all the “pesky penises” in The Tearoom with guns—”the only thing that the game industry will never moderate, nor ban.”

The Tearoom/Robert Yang

The Tearoom is my attempt to connect historical persecution of gay and queer men to modern day methods of surveillance and policing, to show that all our grievances are connected, and those ‘old’ tools of persecution are still here, and perhaps even more powerful today,” he told HuffPost.

Head here to download The Tearoom and cruise for some gun penises for yourself.


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