Puppets, Christmas Elves Thanksgiving “Glee”: The Week in Gleek

blake jenner
Blake Jenner Launches Kickstarter For Indie Movie “Billy Boy”

Their characters might not be together on screen (yet) but Glee cast members Blake Jenner and Melissa Benoist are engaged in real life—and what they really want as a gift is some funding for their upcoming film project.

Written by Jenner, Billy Boy focuses on a  high-school senior (Jenner) trying to turn his crime-ridden life around after meeting a waitress (Benoist). The too-cute hope to raise $100,000 with their Kickstarter campaign . Check out the video below for deets.

Glee Goes Elfin For Upcoming Holiday Episode

Despite it not being Christmastime in the Glee timeline, the show isn’t passing up the chance for holiday cheer, airing what they’re calling a “lost” Christmas special in December. While we don’t know what that means exactly, we do know it calls for Rachel, Santana and Kurt to dress up as elves and sing and dance. The trio filmed in a Burbank mall last week and were snapped by fans in their get-ups : mini dress for Santana, crinoline heavy skirt for Rachel and full on tights for Kurt.

Glee Airing Thanksgiving Night

Does singing and dancing go well with turkey and stuffing? Glee will find that out when the show airs a new episode on Thanksgiving night. We’re not sure if fans will be able to wrestle the TV away from families watching holiday movies or football games, or even stay home when all those doorbuster sales are starting, but they’ll be rewarded with more Adam Lambert and Demi Lovato.

If that doesn’t go with a side of cranberry sauce we don’t know what does.

Get A Peek At Puppet Kurt, Santana, Rachel and Starchild

After Ryan Murphy tweeted photos of the McKinley gang as Muppets, Lea Michele also shared pics of the New York gang in puppet form. Perfect likenesses all around! We’re impressed the puppeteers were able to perfectly capture the sparkle in Colfer’s eyes.