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Australians Are Showing Support For Marriage Equality In Christmas Lights

"What's more joyous, happy, and loving than fairy lights? The same applies for marriage equality."

Sydney local Steve Spencer made a heartwarming move to show his support for marriage equality in Australia, where the issue is currently a hot topic of political debate.

Just last week, Australia’s High Court heard a petition to stop a marriage equality survey, which would put the decision to legalize marriage equality in the hands of the “anonymous majority.” LGBT advocates around the world are urging Australia’s parliament to come to a decision without polling the public.

Inspired by his love for his LGBT friends, Spencer launched “fairy lights for ’Yes'” campaign, which encourages Aussies in support of LGBT rights to decorate their homes with Christmas lights—or fairy lights, if you hail from Australia—spelling out “Yes.”

The campaign came from an act of solidarity in Spencer’s own backyard. He installed Christmas lights spelling out “Yes” and posted a photo of his display online, which went viral.

“I posted a picture online and saw people doing the same, so I thought, Let’s make a campaign out of this,” Spencer told Gay Star News. “What’s more joyous, happy, and loving than fairy lights? The same applies for marriage equality.”

Spencer’s campaign has started to gain traction across social media, with hundreds of Australians sharing their “fairy lights for ’Yes'” installations under the hashtag #putoutyourfairylights.

I'm voting Yes! #marriageequality #voteyes #putoutyourfairylights

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Spencer was “blown away” by the public’s reactions, he told Gay Star News: “I’m especially proud of people living in the suburbs and regional and rural Australia, outside of the gay bubbles, [who] are doing their part to spread the joy of the ’Yes’ vote.”


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