PWR BTTM Invade An Abandoned Water Park For “West Texas” Video

"Even something as complicated as a relationship... can be boiled down to one place or memory."

Brooklyn’s PWR BTTM is a fun, new addition to a growing subgenre of queercore rock bands, in the vein of Seth Bogart and Limp Wrist. With a sound reminiscent of late 90’s grunge and pop-punk (like Green Day or pre-mainstream Blink 182), Ben Hopkins and Liv Bruce have just dropped the music video for the delightfully angsty “West Texas,” off the acclaimed Ugly Cherries.

Directed by H.S. Naji, the video is set in an abandoned water park, with Bruce and Hopkins gallivanting about with various pool toys.

Both the song and video are about “unpacking how even something as complicated as a relationship between two people can be boiled down to one place or memory,” Hopkins told NPR.

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“Setting those feelings at a place that’s frozen in the past felt like a logical fit,” he explains. “Plus, it was colorful.”

Stick around for the video’s faux MPAA warning at the end: “May cause hot flashes and boy sweats.”

You can download PWR BTTM’s full-length album, Ugly Cherries, on Bandcamp page.

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