Queen Of Punk Vivienne Westwood Design Virgin Airlines’ New Uniforms


Virgin Atlantic has always been a step ahead in terms of style: After all, picking bright red as your uniform color is a pretty bold move. So it’s only a little surprising that Virgin CEO Richard Branson chose punk doyenne Vivienne Westwood  to add a little extra oomph to the airlines’ fligh-attendant uniforms.

The ensembles will be worn by some  7,500 Virgin employees starting in July, but don’t expect vinyl muumuus or Doc Martin boots from fashion renegade Westwood: She’s designed a body-hugging blazer and pencil skirt (with trademark-hourglass silhouette) for the ladies and a smoldering burgundy three-piece suit for the men (very Saville Row). Adding to the attractiveness: the uniforms are made from recycled materials.

All aboard the sexy plane, am I right?