“Queer As Folk” Star Randy Harrison: Why I Hope Brian And Justin Never Reunited

And some new hints about a series reboot?

Randy Harrison, who played Justin on Showtime’s Queer as Folk has some thoughts on what should have happened to Justin and his boyfriend, Brian (Gale Harold) once the series ended.

“I would hope that they wouldn’t [have got back together], just for Justin’s sake,” Harrison told Daily Xtra. “I just feel like if you’re 17 and you start sleeping with a 30-year-old, your development’s going to be thwarted if you never go out on your own for a significant amount of time.”

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“I mean maybe they come back together, I don’t know,” added Harrison. “It’s a romantic fantasy, the whole show is fantasy so it’s hard to think about rationally entirely.”

The 38-year old actor also dropped some hints about a possible Queer as Folk reboot, revealing that the original cast are on board for it.

“We’re all old people now,” said Harrison. “The middle-aged Queer As Folk might not be the same but the cast all loves each other still and we’re all friends, we’re all open to it but I don’t know. Who knows?”

Are you listening, Netflix?

Watch the clip below for his full comments:

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