Watch The Original “Queer Eye” Fab Five Have A Boozy Brunch With The Hosts Of The Netflix Reboot

"Cheers, queers!"

All things just keep getting better, and the original Queer Eye Fab Five are back to prove it.

The Netflix reboot of Queer Eye hits Netflix on February 7, so what better way to celebrate the premiere than have the original Fab Five—minus Ted Allen—sit down for some cocktails with the new quintet taking over hosting duties on the reboot.


In the video the hosts of the original series, Carson Kressley and Kyan Douglas, talk about the impact the show had on the LGBT population and how the five of them being out and proud on a widely popular, successful television show made it easier for the queer kids watching them.

“When we were growing up, we really didn’t have anyone on television to look up to and say, ‘These are queer people, and I can relate to that,’” says Douglas. “For the generation of kids that grew up watching Queer Eye, that was the first time they could look to a television set in their home and see five gay guys that were just being themselves.”


Not only do the guys talk about the positive impact Queer Eye had, Bobby Berk, who is the interior design guru on the Netflix version, also shares a story about how the original series actually got him fired from his job at Restoration Hardware when the hosts came into the store to film an episode.

The OG Fab Five also offer up some advice for the new guys, like Jai Rodriguez who tells them that “they don’t have to be best friends, but you will forever be brothers.”

Watch their fun conversation in the video below.

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