“Queer Eye For The Straight Guy” Reunion, Trans Teen Crowned Homecoming Queen: Today In Gay

queer eye for the straight guy Bravo is bringing back the Fab Five for a special Queer Eye for the Straight Guy reunion in October. Appropriately hosted by Andy Cohen, the one-off special will check in with foodie Ted Allen, stylist Kyan Douglas, design expert Thom Filicia, fashionista Carson Kressley and culture expert Jai Rodriguez.

These guys kind of sparked a revolution. We wouldn’t mind if someone brought them back—and maybe let them work their magic on some actual gay guys.

Earlier this week we told you trans teen Cassidy Lynn Campbell was running for homecoming queen in Huntington Beach, CA. Well, today we gleefully report the 16-year-old senior won, and was crowned at Marina High School last night.  It’s not the first time a transgender student has run for homecoming queen, but considering how conservative Orange County is, it’s a pretty amazing.

“She was stunned. She kind of broke down on the podium,” school spokesman Tom Delapp said. “She was shocked. She cried a lot.” Cassidy’s classmates soon began chanting her name and rushing the field to hug their new queen.  “I was so proud to win, not just for me but for everyone out there,” Cassidy told reporters.

Earlier, Principal Paul Morrow said,  “If Marina High School is to make high-profile news during its homecoming week this year, then we are proud that the message is one of equity and individual respect.”

The National Book Awards released its list of nominees for the best in Young People’s Literature and Poetry, and David Levithan’s gay teen novel Two Boys Kissing made the cut. The book revolves around several same-sex couples, including one who try to break the record for longest kiss.

two boys kissingThe L.A. Times writes:

If the book’s title doesn’t get it banned from a thousand school libraries, its frankness will: “Peter lingers his hand down Neil’s back, slips his fingers beneath his waistband, rests on the skin there, the heat. Neil moves in the opposite direction, his hand rising under the back of Peter’s shirt, between his shoulder blades. … Neil touches the nape of his neck, then slowly retreats back down, fingernails raking skin….”

We’d rather kids were reading that than Twilight. 


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