Watch “Queer Eye” Guy Jonathan Van Ness Slay His 6th Grade Talent Show

"I took the gold in that performance."

Need evidence Jonathan Van Ness has always been adorably extra?

The resident grooming expert on Netflix’s Emmy-winning Queer Eye reboot dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week to plug his upcoming stand-up comedy tour, Jonathan Van Ness: Road to Beijing.

Discussing JVN’s Instagram-documented passion for figure skating, Kimmel surprised the Gay of Thrones star with a never-before-seen video of his junior high talent show, for which he performed a “floor figure skating” routine in a self-designed statement top.

“That combination was stunning,” JVN marveled at the interpretive dance, narrating his various leaps and single axels. “I took the gold in that performance.”

“My mom also said to me, ‘Honey, if you do this, they’re never going to let you live it down.’ And I was like, ‘And the problem is?’”

“I was a male cheerleader,” JVN told Kimmel. “It is incredibly hard to embarrass me, and that is as close as you could come in real life.”

“I always wondered if I would see this footage someday,” he later tweeted. “I never imagined it would be on national TV.”

JVN also told Kimmel about the audition process for Queer Eye and explained why, being from rural Mississippi, he wanted to be a part of “turning red states pink one makeover at a time.”

The third season of Queer Eye, which has moved production from Georgia to Missouri, is set to premiere on Netflix in 2019.

Watch JVN on JKL! below.

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