Watch: “Queer Eye” Guys Get Baked in “Nailed It!” Kitchen Challenge

The Netflix crossover episode you didn't know you were craving.

Already binged season 2 of the Queer Eye reboot and still hungry for more? Snack on the new Nailed It!Queer Eye crossover.

Nailed It!, which just released its own second season on Netflix, is a reality baking competition where amateur bakers attempt and hilariously fail to replicate complicated confections.

As part of a special Nailed It! bonus challenge, Queer Eye’s Fab Five were invited to recreate cupcakes topped with mini-me cake pop figures using color fondant and modeling chocolate.

“How hard can this be?” asks Jonathan Van Ness, who prides himself on his attention to detail.

It’s only fair that Antoni Porowski, Queer Eye’s resident food expert, gets a pass to join Nailed It! host Nicole Byer and chocolatier Jacques Torres as a guest judge.

“Please don’t tell me we have to recreate that,” says Karamo Brown, who later describes the kitchen as his “sunken place.”

“I mean, yes,” Byer replies. “That’s the premise of the show.”

Who will rise as the “best of the worst” queer bakers? Will Van Ness ever come back from his cupcake break? Will any of this inspire the dessert menu at Porowski’s New York eatery?

Watch the crossover episode below.

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