Meet The New Fab Five In Netflix’s “Queer Eye” Reboot

“If the original round was about tolerance, this time it is about acceptance.”

All things just keep getting better.

Today, Entertainment Weekly revealed your first look at the new Fab Five for Netflix’s upcoming Queer Eye for the Straight Guy revival.

“It’s a new time with a new audience,” series creator David Collins told EW. “If the original round was about tolerance, this time it is about acceptance.”

If you watch Gay of Thrones, then you will recognize Jonathan Van Ness who is taking over for Kyan in the grooming department on the revival. Kamaro Brown, who will be the resident culture vulture on the series, is no stranger to reality TV since he was on The Real World: Philadelphia.

Rounding out the Fab Five are Tan France (fashion), who France is the creator of women’s clothing line Kingdom & State and co-creator of Rachel Parcell Inc, Antoni Porowski (food) who was Ted Allen’s personal chef and Bobby Berk, who runs his own line of home furnishings.

For the new Queer Eye, the group of guys will leave New York City and travel to red states across America—giving makeovers to men who might not have the same political views as them.

“In order to make the emotions bigger, you actually had to see how [the Fab Five] were reacting to being with a cop from the South who was a Trump supporter, [or] ‘hillbilly Tom,’ who refers to himself by saying ‘you can’t fix ugly,’” said executive producer Rob Eric.

“These guys walked away truly loving every single hero that they made over and talked about them for weeks afterward. It affected them just as much as they affected our hero.”

This time around the series will also focus more on the Fab Five’s personal lives, which were never really explored on the original run of the show.

“If you think about the original five, we definitely weren’t going to be talking about that Tan is married to a Mormon cowboy, let alone that he’s Muslim. So it’s those authentic moments that really pay off in this new version of Queer Eye,” Collins explained.

The producers even hint that the original Fab Five could drop by for a cameo.

“I’m not going to say no or never because you never know, but the new team is there and… I can’t say no because who knows, maybe we will do something where they all come together,” said Collins.

“It’s kind of their moment and their time, but definitely the original guys, the OG, are thrilled for us. That’s probably been one of the most beautiful things is that everyone has been so supportive on this journey and really, really loved each other. The Fab 10, as they are, have all really bonded beautifully.”

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“It’s got such a great heart and soul and humor to it, so I’m excited for a new audience,” Collins added. “But I guess if there was something to be real specific, if the original round was about tolerance, this time it is about acceptance.”

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy hits Netflix in February.

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