Netflix Drops New Trailer for “Queer Eye” Season 5

Featuring a new song from Vincint!

Queer Eye is taking the City of Brotherly Love by storm.

Netflix has released the full trailer for the fifth season of its fan-favorite makeover show, complete with a new song from Vincint. “Be Me,” the out artist’s latest uplifting pop track, can be heard in the background of the two-minute trailer, which sees the Fab Five take their skills to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We can already tell the new season is going to be full of tear-jerkers.

The new song was teased from the Queer Eye Twitter account and Vincint himself, who tweeted out a snippet of “Be Me” on Tuesday. (Fun fact: Philly is also Vincint’s hometown.)

“It was an honor to write ’Be Me’ for Queer Eye Season 5,” the “Please Don’t Fall In Love” singer said in a media statement. “I hope it inspires you to be yourself and love yourself.”

Watch the full trailer below, and keep an eye out for Season 5 of the Emmy-winning reality TV series, which hits Netflix Friday, June 5. (Yes, it’s the same day as the RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 5 premiere. No, our bodies aren’t ready.)

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