The Fab Five Make Over “Star Wars” Characters In “Queer Eye For The Jedi”

Can they really give Jabba the Hutt a glow up?

The Queer Eye guys have left Georgia for a galaxy far, far away.

In a hilarious new video, Vulture has mashed up the first season of Netflix’s Queer Eye reboot with scenes from Star Wars movies. It sounds like a strange fit at first, but you will surprised to see how well the sci-fi saga mixes with Jonathan Van Ness and the boys.


Watch as the Fab Five prepare to give Jabba the Hutt a makeover, Luke Skywalker a beard trimming, and see what they think of Luke’s Tatooine desert look from the first Star Wars movie.

We are glad that the Luke from The Last Jedi got a glow up, but where is the Fab Five’s new health and wellness guru, Yoda? We think he could throw back a “redneck margarita” or two with the guys.

Queer Eye has been renewed for a second season, but don’t hold your breath for a cameo from Han and Chewie in the new batch of episodes when they hit Netflix next year.

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