The Ultimate Queer Guide To The Fall 2017 TV Lineup

Set your DVRs!

One of the best parts of fall is the new television lineup. We’re especially tuned into the LGBT-inclusive options—of which there’s plenty this year. So warm up those DVRs and check out our guide below.

New Shows

  • American Horror Story: Cult (September 5)

    Billy Eichner and Colton Haynes join Ryan Murphy regulars like Cheyenne Jackson and Sarah Paulson, who incidentally, plays another lesbian lead this season—the co-owner of meat-heavy restaurant with her wife, played by Allison Pill. 10pm, FX

  • The Deuce (September 10)


    James Franco stars in HBO’s series about the rise of the porn industry in 1970s New York. The show promises lots of queer content, including Chris Coy as gay bartender Paul Hendrickson, who befriends Franco’s Vincent Martino. 9pm, HBO

  • Star Trek: Discovery (September 25)


    Anthony Rapp plays Lt. Stamets, a scientist and Trek’s first canonically gay character. He even gets a love interest, played by the always amazing Wilson Cruz. 8:30pm, CBS

  • Will & Grace (September 28)

    The fab four return for a reboot that ignores the series’ downer finale, giving us Will, Grace, Jack and Karen back together for more shenanigans and (surely) special guest stars. 9pm, NBC

  • Dynasty (October 11)

    Another reboot! This time the revamped version of the ’80s soap gives us a Steven Carrington who knows exactly who he is.


    Plus: Sammie Jo is a gay man (Empire’s Rafael de La Fuente). 9pm, The CW

  • Mindhunter (October 13)


    Based on a non-fictional account of the FBI’s serial-crime unit, this new Netflix series sees Looking star Jonathan Groff as an FBI agent tracking the likes of Charles Manson and Ted Bundy by getting inside their heads. David Fincher directed the pilot, and Charlize Theron serves as EP on this dark drama. Netflix

  • At Home with Amy Sedaris (October 24)

    Cole Escola, Jane Krakowski, and Sasheer Zamata are among the guest stars that will pop by Sedaris’s “home” to learn about arts, crafts, cooking, and other Martha Stewart-esque shenanigans. Expect eccentricity. TruTV, 10:30pm

  • Marvel’s Runaways (November 21)

    An adaptation of Brian K. Vaughn’s acclaimed comic book-series about teens keeps the source material’s queer factor: Lesbian teen Karolina Dean (Virginia Gardner) is stunned to find out that her parents are aliens—and criminal masterminds. (Hulu)

Returning Shows

  • One Mississippi (September 8)


    Tig Notaro’s second season of the series based loosely on her own life expands on her on-screen relationship with her co-worker, played by her rela life wife, Stephanie Allynne. Amazon

  • Top of the Lake: China Girl (September 10)

    The Sundance Channel

    Nicole Kidman stars as a late-in-life lesbian (and adoptive mum to star Elisabeth Moss’s biological child) in this dark mystery from director Jane Campion. Fans of the first season will enjoy it even more than the first and first-time watchers won’t have to play catch up, as it’s an all new case for Detective Robin Griffin. 9:00pm, The Sundance Channel

  • Broad City (September 13)

    Comedy Central

    Season 4 kicks off with the back story of how Abbi and Ilana actually met, which is just as insane as you think. Plus: Gay BFF Jaime and Ilana’s gay brother, Eliot, (played by Glazer’s real-life gay brother Eliot) are back, too! 10:30pm, Comedy Central

  • Better Things (September 14)

    Jessica Brooks/FX

    This season, star Pamela Adlon directs all the episodes of her acclaimed show, about a divorced actress raising three daughters on her own. Middle daughter Frankie delves further into genderqueerness, and Sam (Adlon) couldn’t give a fuck. NewNowNext contributor Jen Richards also makes a cameo, as do some lesbian moms in the Season 2 premiere. 10pm, FX

  • Gotham (September 21)


    Tabatha and Barbara are still up to no good together when the series returns. And out actor Robin Lord Taylor is picking up with Penguin right where he left off—plotting evil deeds. (At last count, he’s killed 26 people and one dog.) 8pm, FX

  • Transparent (September 22)


    The Pfefferman clan head to to Israel in the fourth season of the Emmy-winning series, which features Alia Shawkat as a guest star in more ways than one: The Search Party star joins Sarah (Amy Landecker) and Len (Rob Huebel) in the bedroom. Plus: Shelly discovers improv and Maura connects with her youngest daughter, Ali. Amazon

  • Empire (September 27)

    Michael Lavine/FOX

    Jamal (out actor Jussie Smollett) gets caught in a scandal, as he confronts someone who might be faking gay just to get closer to him. Meanwhile, Rumer Willis and mom Demi Moore are both back to stir up drama and Lucious tries to carve out a new life for himself as an amnesiac. Oh, and more of that delicious Cookie. 8pm, Fox

  • Star (September 27)


    Carlotta’s transgender daughter, Cotton (trans actress Amiyah Scott), gets caught up in a love triangle this season, and producers tease that she “has a type.” Paris Jackson will return for more episodes, too, as social media expert Rachel Wells. 9pm, Fox

  • Modern Family (September 27)


    Cam, Mitch and the rest of the Pritchetts take a houseboat vacation in Lake Tahoe on the Season 9 premiere, which brings Modern Family back to the 9pm time slot it debuted with in 2009. 9pm, ABC

  • American Housewife (September 27)

    ABC/Michael Ansell

    Carly Hughes is back as Katie’s lesbian BFF Angela in Season 2 of this criminally underrated comedy. The show moves to Wednesdays, with Modern Family as its lead-in, which will hopefully give it a much-needed boost. 9:30pm, ABC

  • Designated Survivor (September 27)


    We’re hoping for more screen time for Leo (Tanner Buchanan), President Kirkman’s gay son, on Season 2. It’s like the writers forgot about his sexuality after the pilot, and stuck him with a boring storyline about his dad possibly not being his biological father. (Spoiler: he was.) 10pm, ABC

  • Grey’s Anatomy (September 28)


    Arizona’s latest lady love, Eliza Minnick, is nowhere to be found on Season 14. Which means the doc is single again—and #Calzona fans will probably start lighting candles for Sara Ramirez’s return. (8pm, ABC)

  • Superstore (September 28)

    Trae Patton/NBC

    Mateo (Nico Santos) and his Cloud 9 co-workers are dealing with the aftermath of the tornado that devastated the superstore. But when Scott, a hot carpenter, shows up to make repairs, it might destroy his relationship with Jeff. 8pm, ABC

  • How To Get Away With Murder (September 28)


    Connor and Oliver are reportedly getting hitched in Season 4—and out showrunner Pete Nowalk says the door is always open for Annalise’s ex-lover, Eve (Famke Janssen) to return. 10pm, ABC

  • The Exorcist (September 29)

    Showrunners are teasing a major character will turn out to be bisexual in Season 2 of this scary series. Our guess: Father Marcus. 9pm, Fox

  • Scandal (October 5)


    Scandal’s final season will see a bit of a time jump, with Cyrus Beene as America’s first gay VP and Olivia Pope as the Chief of Staff. We’re also keeping our eye on Huck, played by out actor Guillermo Díaz. (9pm, ABC)

  • Supergirl (October 9)

    The CW

    Despite Detective Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima) being downgraded to a guest star in Season 3, Kara’s out sister, Alex (Chyler Leigh), will still be keeping the SG universe queer. And we STILL don’t know Maggie’s answer to Alex’s proposal. (8pm, The CW)

  • The Flash (October 10)

    Patrick Sabongui plays gay police captain David Singh, but there’s no word on if he—or queer super-villain Pied Piper (out Broadway actor Andy Mientus) are making appearances in Season 4. We’ll just have to content ourselves with the not-so-subtle subtext between Grant Gustin and virtually EVERY other man on the show. 8pm, The CW

  • DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (October 10)

    The CW

    Elsewhere in the DC Comics universe, Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) continues her reign as a bad-ass bisexual White Canary—and this time around, she’s getting a new love interest: Lindsay Carlisle (Ali Liebert) a brainy 1950s woman afraid of her sexuality. (Sadly, Wentworth Miller isn’t a series regular anymore, but we can expect him to pop up every now and again.) 9pm, The CW

  • Riverdale (October 11)

    The CW

    Riverdale producers promised to dig Kevin Keller (Casey Cott) more—including his “dark side”—in Season 2, which has been expanded to a full 22 episodes. 8pm, The CW

  • Arrow (October 12)

    The CW

    We still don’t know if Nyssa al Ghul (Katrina Law) survived the explosive Season 5 finale. But with the time jump in the Season 6 premiere, we’ll hopefully find out. 9pm, The CW

  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (October 13)

    The CW

    Darryl and White Josh are the cutest couple on The CW’s quirky musical comedy, and we are hoping for more more more from the duo (as well as out actor Vincent Rodriguez) on Season 3. (TBA, The CW)

  • Jane the Virgin (October 13)

    The CW

    Will bisexual Rose continue to pop up as other people? Will her girlfriend, Luisa, keep falling for it? Jane the Virgin is as wacky as it is fun, and Season 4 will surely follow suit. (TBA, The CW)

  • The Walking Dead (October 22)


    Aaron and Tara are still only bit players in the larger ensemble, but here’s hoping they get a few bones thrown their way in Season 8. (And maybe love interests that stay alive.) 9pm, AMC

  • Search Party (November 19)


    Queer stars Alia Shawkat and John Early are back for a Hitchcockian Season 2, which rolls out with two episodes a week. It’s all about the aftermath of the murder in the Season 1 finale, so get up to speed before tuning in! (TBA, TBS)

Trish Bendix is a Los Angeles-based writer.