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“Queer Health Field Guide” Comic Book Will Tackle Dating, Sexuality, Gender And Coming Out

The authors want to help young people with the often "terrifying and exhausting" personal journey of accepting themselves.

LGBT teens and young adults will soon be able to turn to a comic book in order to learn more about their budding sexuality.

Oni Press just announced that it will be releasing The Queer Health Field Guide as the latest edition to its erotic and sex education imprint Limerence Press.

The comic, which is aiming for a 2018 release, will cover topics like gender, sexuality and the coming out process.

“The Queer Health Field Guide has the potential to educate and break down barriers between people of all walks of life,” said authors Jude Vigants and Mady G. “We’d like to engage people academically as well as easily articulate the science and sociology behind our bodies and identity, with an emphasis on transgender health.”

They added that they’re currently undergoing extensive research and working on personal interviews to help enhance the book and truly make it a resource for young people exploring their sexuality.

They said, “The personal journey one embarks on can be terrifying and exhausting, so we are here to hold your hand through it with this book!”

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