Queer Sh*t to Watch This Week

Forbidden Mormon love, trembling in Guatemala, and the first lesbian holiday rom-com.

NewNowNext spotlights the latest (and queerest) movies, TV shows, web series, and other LGBTQ shit for your viewing pleasure in our weekly watch list. Grab your popcorn, squirrel friends!

In Theaters

Feast of the Epiphany

The first narrative section of this documentary-fiction hybrid centers around a largely queer dinner party involving a young Brooklynite, Abby (Nikki Calonge); her gay friend Ryan (Meng Ai); and his new paramour, Jacob (Sean Donovan). Directed by a trio of hard-core cinephiles—Jeff Reichert and Michael Koresky, co-founders of the Reverse Shot film criticism website, and writer Farihah Zaman—the latter two of whom are LGBTQ. (Opens November 29, Reverse Shot)

Temblores (Tremors)

The ground literally shifts under the feet of Evangelical Christian family man Pablo (Juan Pablo Olyslager) when his family discovers he’s having an affair with another man, Francisco (Mauricio Armas Zebadúa), during an earthquake. Set in Guatemala, where Evangelicals have pushed legislation that would effectively legalize hate crimes against LGBTQ people, director Jayro Bustamante’s second feature sees the outed 40-year-old Pablo in a horrible predicament: On one hand he’s free to love his openly gay boyfriend and join the community, but he’s also forced to undergo conversion therapy if he wants to see his children again. That’s right, sadly the U.S. isn’t alone in its battle against the nasty practice. (Opens November 29, Film Movement)


The Falls: The Complete Trilogy

A bit like a gay Mormon version of Richard Linklater’s Before films, writer-director Jon Garcia’s trilogy has traced the forbidden gay love affair between LDS church members RJ (Nick Ferucci) and Chris (Benjamin Farmer) from its start during their Portland, Ore., missionary days (2012’s The Falls), through a reunion five years later after one has married a woman (2013’s Testament of Love), and, finally, to the point when Chris faces a new challenge from the church after RJ has abandoned it (2016’s Covenant of Grace). Now you can binge all five hours and 15 minutes of the drama, which is available on a new box set. Don’t forget the green Jell-o! (Available now on DVD, Breaking Glass Pictures)


Lonely white-haired gay nurse Pedro (Marco Nanini) enjoys role-playing as reclusive Hollywood star Greta Garbo during sex, while his best friend, elderly transgender performer Daniela (Denise Weinberg), is having serious health issues. To secure Daniela a hospital bed, Pedro ends up taking home a mysterious, bloody patient who could be a murderer on the lam. Adapted from the 1970s play Greta Garbo, Who Would Imagine, Ended Up in Irajá, Brazilian director Armando Praça’s film puts a middle finger right in the face of the country’s virulently homophobic president, Jair Bolsonaro, with explicit gay sex, full-frontal nudity, and compassionately depicted albeit Fassbinder-esque LGBTQ characters. (Available now on DVD, Breaking Glass Pictures)

Season of Love

In the first-ever holiday-themed lesbian rom-com, director Christin Baker and writer Kathryn Trammell’s cast of characters flirt and fret over the days leading up to Christmas. They include workaholic Lou (Jessica Clark); Sue (Dominique Provost-Chalkley), a musician plagued by performance anxiety; and Kenna (Sandra Mae Frank), a deaf welder and artist who communicates via ASL. And don’t worry, boys: There’s a cute gay guy (played by Matthew Bridges) in the mix, too. (Available December 1 on VOD, Tello Films)

TV and Streaming

Making It

Delightful gay fashionista and author Simon Doonan serves as a judge—ahem, “aesthetic expert”—on Season 2 of Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman’s craft competition show, in which 10 contestants vie for the title of “Master Maker.” (Premieres December 2 on NBC)

Main image: Temblores

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