Quinn Jaxon Talks Underwear Modeling & Grindr

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Quinn Jaxon, the Andrew Christian favorite you’ve seen in tons of their videos and photo shoots this year, opened up to The Underwear Expert in a candid and exclusive interview recently. He delves into life as a straight underwear model with loads of gay fans, nude photos, the creeps he gets when his friends tell him people are using his nude photos on Grindr, and what it was like to ride porn star Paul Wagner in the recent Andrew Christian S&M video.

Check out these sound-bytes and then head over to The Underwear Expert for the un-cut conversation.

The Underwear Expert: What’s your favorite video so far, and how is being an Andrew Christian underwear model in general?
Quinn: I think my favorite Andrew Christian video so far is the S&M video, actually. They hired Paul Wagner, so for the whole video I’m with this big burly guy, and then there’s a scene that I get to ride him like a horse. I thought it was so funny. I was like, “That’s right!” It’s probably the funniest thing I’ve done on set so far.  And on being an Andrew Christian model: everything’s just kind of going really well. The publicity is awesome and that helps me out. It’s great!

The Underwear Expert: So in my research, I happened to come across four different Facebook profiles for you. I don’t imagine they’re all yours, right?
Quinn: My friend and I have been talking about that recently, actually. I have one Facebook profile and one fan page. The other ones are all false. Funny story: I was on Facebook the other day and it recommended some friends for me to request. One of the people that was suggested had one of my pictures as his profile pic. I was like “What the hell!” Also, I have friends back home that are like, “Hey, are you back in town, because my Grindr says you’re at the bar I’m at.” I’m like, “I don’t have a Grindr account, man, are you serious?!”

I have a lot of photos online from all the photo shoots I do and I have a lot of nude photos online so it’s easy to find the photos and it’s easy to copy and paste ‘em. People go overboard, though. Even the other day a guy added me on Facebook and he had my picture as his profile picture, so I messaged him and was like “Dude, you can’t. Like, change your profile photo.” It’s flattering in a way, but at the same time also a little bit creepy.

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