QUIZ: Which “Valley of the Dolls” Character Are You?

"They drummed you right outta Hollywood! So ya come crawlin' back to Broadway."

It’s been 50 years since Jacqueline Susann’s racy novel Valley of the Dolls first enraptured readers in 1966.

This week, Grove Press has released a new edition of Dolls, with an introduction by Simon Doonan and new cover designed by Teddy Blanks.

valley of the dolls
Grant Press

Like the campy 1967 that followed, the book version of Dolls was gobbled up by gays, who adored the over-the-top adventures of three young women trying to make it in New York.


In celebration of its golden anniversary, try your hand at this  Valley of the Dolls quiz: Are you a Neely, an Anne or a Jennifer—or a Helen? Find out below!

Below, the hosts of Logo’s Cocktails and Classics discuss the camp classic movie version of Dolls, and who almost was cast. (One word: Liza!)


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