Watch A Rabbi, A Priest And A Gay Atheist Get High And Talk About The Meaning Of Life

"God made weed, weed don't make you bleed."

This viral video of a rabbi, priest and gay atheist toking and talking about spirituality might just be the perfect remedy for these trying times.

The 8-minute clip comes from digital content producers Cut and features Rabbi Jim Mirel, rabbi emeritus at Temple B’nai Torah, Reverend Chris Schuller, former Espiscopalian rector at a Florida church and Carlos Diller, a self-proclaimed conservative homosexual atheist.

rabbi 3

Together, the three gents ruminate on the existence of God and the role of science in religion. When Diller talks about his lack of beliefs, Mirel stops to tell him that just because he doesn’t believe in God, doesn’t mean he’s not a person of faith.

“I like what you’re saying, but everything that you say about who you are and what your life is like—what you do, what you think—to me, that speaks about a person of faith,” he explains. “You have a basic faith in the world, the universe… you may not call that God, but there’s something inside of you that’s a spiritual person.”

At the end of the video, the three new friends bless each other with the ashes of their hour-long smoke session, offering up prayers and thoughts to one another.

Check out the touching video below.

h/t: JTA

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