Rachael Ray Thought Her Husband Was Gay When She First Met Him


I worship Rachael Ray for no apparent reason, and this reveal makes me love her goofy-ass even more. (That "rumor" about Rachael berating an assistant for giving her Dunkin’ Donuts coffee – which she endorses – kind of did too. …)

Rachael told People magazine’s blog her future-husband, John Cusimano’s, attempts to impress her led her to think he was gay. She then implied, once she found out John was straight, she ditched her gay friends to hook up with him. Typical.

Catch the quote after the jump…

Here’s a little excerpt from the piece … how romantic, right?

John: You asked me if I cooked anything and she thought I would just say chicken parm or something boring and I said “Yeah, I made this talapia with a tomatillo-jalapeno-cilantra reduction with a little bit of Negro Modelo beer with a maque choux on the side.” And she said, ’Are you gay?’

Rachael: I was going to hook him up with some of my [gay] friends and then when he said he wasn’t, I said, ’Alright I’m going to be eating some of that food,’ and we’ve been together ever since. We cook together every night. I’m only Italian from the stomach down — John’s one hundred percent!

Um … is it just me or are Rachael’s comments really dirty? In more ways than one: It sounds like they for sure sealed the deal that very night, but I think she’s hinting at something else as well. … Ah, why is she so amazing?