Rachel McAdams All About A “Mean Girls” Reunion, Or So She Claims: WATCH

When asked if they would like to do a sequel, or rather reunion, to the wildly popular 2004 film Mean Girls, we have no doubt that Lindsay Lohan and Lacey Chabert would be all about that going down. Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried however, a little less so. Like, far, far less so, and it would take an ironclad contract to make that happen.

That is why we were so surprised to see that in a recent interview, Rachel McAdams said she would be down to revisit Mean Girls in another 10 years. It seemed to be more about hanging with Tina Fey based on her response, but she was for it nonetheless.


Watch above if you don’t believe us.

Think she was just trying to be nice? We’re gonna guess she was just trying to be nice.

As far as her current projects, y’all can enjoy Rachel McAdams this weekend in the new film About Time.

h/t: ONTD