All-Gender Clothing Doesn’t Have To Be So Serious

"I think fashion can change someone's life," says Radimo CEO Dannielle Owens-Reid, "It can improve someone's self-worth.

Dannielle Owens-Reid, one-half of the queer youth organization Everyone Is Gay, is pursuing her own venture with Radimo, a retail website specializing in all-gender clothing and accessories.

Gender Neutral. Link in bio.

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Officially launched on June 15, Radimo offers vintage tops and outerwear, plus feminist togs from Kidd Bell, personal care products from Roots and Crown, Tomboy Toes’ vegan “leather” shoes, and gender-neutral swimwear from Outplay.

It’s a project that’s close to Owen-Reid’s heart.

“I think fashion can change someone’s life. It can improve someone’s self-worth,” she writes on the Radimo website.

“Having the ability to present to the world exactly who you are is a feeling completely unmatched by anything else. And I think it’s hard to understand what you can do with a piece of clothing until you’ve seen someone else do it.”

Gender Neutral Clothing. Just went live. Link in bio.

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You can donate to the Radimo Patreon page and keep up with Radimo on the brand’s Instagram.

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