Radio Gaga: New Lady Gaga Interview Is Funny, Revealing, and Brief


Before her triumphant opening act at the 2013 MTV Music Video Awards last night, Lady Gaga phoned KISS FM in London to discuss ARTPOP, the direction she’s taking, and important matters like what she wants to name her kid. She also revealed that the new album will have 15 tracks (and that Azealia Banks won’t be on any of them), but here are the five salient tidbits I picked up.

1. She understands pop fanaticism of 2013.

“It’s so funny the way people talk about pop stars now. It’s like we’re gladiators. You’re going to put us in a ring and see who gets beheaded first.”

Pop stardom is sports for a certain viewership could not care less about sports. Nothing more to understand about that.

2. She articulates why it sucks that her song leaked.

“So much of what I do is theater. When my song leaked last week, I was like, it’s like going to see a musical, but none of the actors come out and you just hear what’s going on. It’s sort of awful and boring. I’m really excited they got to see the music video and the complete vision.”

Lady Gaga is a multimedia experience. I accept this explanation.

3. Her big screen career may be bigger than we expected.

“I actually went to acting school for a really long time. I don’t know if people know that about me, that I’m a theater student. Working with Robert [Rodriguez] was insane, and it’s led to more projects with him as well as other movies, which I can’t talk about yet.”

I’m still gunning for Gaga to star in a Laura Nyro biopic. She’d be perfect.

4. She’s weirded out by other celebrities.

“It’s so strange the way celebrities have these crazy names for their children. My child’s already going to have enough to deal with without a name like Bad Romance. It’s so much easier to decide what I’d name something else. A child is not an accessory.”

Holler! Thank you for this important reminder.

5. Her favorite name is the most conventional, popular girls’ name of 2013.

[Responding to whether she’d give a crazy  name to, say, a cat]: “I am certainly not a cat lover. But I’ve always loved the name Sophia.”

Maybe she’s a Marriage Italian-Style fan? Or a Golden Girls fan? Probably both.