New Play Imagines Tennis Star Rafael Nadal In A Gay Relationship

"I decided to write about my fantasies," says playwright Peter Gil-Sheridan. "How powerful they can be but also how painful."

Some plays have real balls.

Spanish tennis pro and Tommy Hilfiger model Rafael Nadal has a husband in The Rafa Play, a new theatrical fantasy written by Peter Gil-Sheridan and directed by Morgan Gould.

The Rafa Play/Daniel Rader

In the play, presented by pop-up theater company The Pool, “Peter Gil, a legendary but retired playwright, has been whisked away to Mallorca to a fantasy life by his husband, tennis superstar Rafael Nadal,” according to an official synopsis.

“When he returns to New York to let his friends know just how successful his life has become, he finds them (actress Eva Patton and casting director John Ort, CSA) in disarray at a posh New York City restaurant. When Rafa himself comes to retrieve his love, Peter is transported back to Mallorca to do battle with the realities of Rafa’s life, family, and career.”

The Rafa Play/Daniel Rader

The Rafa Play is about my imaginary marriage to Rafael Nadal,” Gil-Sheridan explains. “There was a time where I was just obsessed with Nadal. He’s kind of amazing. I decided to write about my fantasies, how powerful they can be but also how painful. This play explores the universal issues of what it is to work and compete in a world obsessed with winning.”

The cast of The Rafa Play includes Juan Arturo, Olli Haaskivi, Tommy Heleringer, Annie Henk, Megan Hill, and Tommy Russell.

The Rafa Play/Daniel Rader

The Rafa Play runs through December 16 in rotating rep with Susan Bernfield’s Tania in the Getaway Van and Lynn Rosen’s Washed Up on the Potomac at the Flea Theater in New York.

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