Rahm Emanuel Will Ram Gay Marriage Through Illinois Legislature


Emanuel and Obama (Getty)

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, whose previous jobs include official hissing whisperer in the ears of presidents Obama and Clinton, is now setting his sights on swaying laws in the entire state of Illinois from his Windy City throne. Luckily, one of those laws would support gay marriage.

“Although the state of Illinois now has civil unions, the time for marriage equality is now. The time is right, and the time is here,” Emanuel told the Chicago Sun-Times.

The long-time political wheeler-dealer has marked gay marriage as the number three priority on his list of things he wants passed by Illinois legislators—with or without the help of Gov. Pat Quinn—with a Chicago casino and pension reform taking the top two spots.

With Emanuel’s mountains of political experience and the powerful strings he can pull, the gays certainly have a real champion on their side.

A real, hissing champion.

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