Rainbow Riots Video For “Freedom” Spotlights Queer Artists From Anti-LGBT Countries

"Dance all night for freedom!"

International music group Rainbow Riots released a video for “Freedom,” the group’s energetic pop single.

Catchy melody and vibrant beats aside, “Freedom” is more than just a fun tune: the artists hail from countries like Uganda, Jamaica, and Malawi, where being LGBT is still punishable by law.

Rainbow Riots - "Freedom"

Directed and composed by Swedish LGBT advocate and artist Petter Wallenberg, the colorful video features queer people proudly sporting bold lipstick and even bolder outfits.

The rainbow-covered attire even got the artists in trouble with local authorities in Uganda.

“In the west, the rainbow flag has become a mere party symbol,” Wallenberg wrote in a press release. “We want to remind people that in most parts of the world, there is war against being different. It’s time to stand up for equal rights for everybody.”

Rainbow Riots - "Freedom"

All of the proceeds from “Freedom” and the rest of Rainbow Riots’ album will go toward fighting against LGBT inequality in Uganda. The track is available for purchase on iTunes.

Watch the music video for “Freedom” below.

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