“Rambo… But Gay” Is An Action-Movie Musical Dream Come True: WATCH

rambo but gay
The Expendables
had a cute run, and the all-female version (cleverly titled The Expendabelles) will be great, but where’s our Big Gay Action Movie? Since Hollywood is taking their sweet time on this project,   writer-director Michael Serrato has stepped in with a musical rendition of everyone’s favorite ode to Reagen-era machismo and ultraviolence: Rambo.

Featuring a lisping sheriff and his back-up chorus of homosexual coppers, RamboBut Gay is shockingly well-sung with uplifting battle harmonies rivaling Les Miz.  (You can download the music over here.)

I’m not going to say this Nerdist-produced version of the movie is better than the original—because the original is perfect—but it certainly isn’t worse.

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