Randy Rainbow Crushes Hard on Gov. Cuomo in “Grease” Parody

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the YouTube star has found a strong leader to love, and it's certainly not Trump.

As Randy Rainbow has made clear in previous COVID-19 related videos, he is scared, especially considering the incompetence, racism, and hostility to the truth displayed by the Trump administration.

And while he has been doing his patriotic duty of staying at home and social distancing, in addition to eating delivery food and watching Disney+ he has found a new man to love, and upon whom he can pin his hopes and dreams of a happier future beyond this health crisis.

That man is, naturally, none other than Gov. Andrew Cuomo, whose calm leadership in New York is being hailed by many as the perfect example of getting it right, while our president manages to make everything so much worse every time he opens his mouth.

Gov Cuomo
Michael Brochstein / Echoes Wire/Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Rainbow’s latest masterpiece is a Grease parody that sees him crushing hard on both brothers Cuomo, but especially the governor, whose approval rating since the start of the pandemic far surpasses Trump’s own.

Rainbow confesses he is “a nervous wreck, and scurred as heck of COVID-19,” but that Cuomo brings “hope when [he] can’t cope,” which has been more than enough to win the parodists’ fragile heart.

“You run my state, while I gain weight, with grace and dignity,” he sings, staring longingly at a TV playing one of the guv’s daily press briefings. “Oh please, be my dad, oh Andy!”

Rainbow has still got a thing for younger brother Chris as well, though, he must admit, what with the younger Cuomo’s “tight, wet t-shirts, and his sweaty Instagram workout videos,” but we can’t fault a man for not wanting to choose during these already difficult times.

Rainbow labels himself a Cuomosexual at one point, causing it to trend on Twitter upon the video’s release, much to Rainbow’s delight.

Maybe he can’t reward himself by going home early, but hopefully he ordered something delicious from Postmates and settled in for a Disney+ musicals marathon. After all, we need him to stay inspired so he can keep us entertained during quarantine.

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